Security Payment

We take all reasonable steps to keep secure any information which we hold about you. Personal information will be stored electronically on our computer system. Firewalls, 2048 Bit v3 SSL encryption, passwords, anti-virus software and email filters act to protect all our electronic information.
We do not access and store customer credit card information. All payment transactions are securely processed by Bank Host payment services (ANZ eGate) or Paypal Express that are the safest online transaction practices. You will be absolutely confident when you make payment with
ANZ eGate Payment Gateway
With the ANZ eGate bank host payment option, after submitting your order you will be redirected to a secure page hosted by ANZ eGate, where you will be prompted to enter your card idetails. Then, following an approved or declined message is displayed, you will be returned to a results page of the this website. All payment processes will be done at the ANZ eGate, and your payment information will not be collected on this site.
Paypal Express Checkout
Paypal Express Checkout offers a quicker, easier payment experience for our customers. Paypal passes your shipping address to us so there’s no need to enter it on our website. If you have a paypal account, you can easily chechout orders and will not be requested to fill the registration form by choosing the Paypal Express Checkout option.
Paypal cover your return postage
If you pay your order via Paypal account, and you need to send something back, as long as your refund request is in line with our’s return policy, Paypal will refund your return shipping costs on eligible purchases with Refunded Returns. More information here.